Yes, the perspective is a bit different ...but here it comes ...all you will already know from books and the world's soccer-TV-screens! It's Sauerkraut
Berlin is different!
It is far more than Mitte, Brandenburg Gate and Nightclubs! Try different locations! Leave the well beaten tracks!
Berlin is GIANT. In all meanings. This is the very personal view of my hometown. It's a collection of Berlin-photos
from all around the Propeller Island City Lodge.
My-Berlin-Photo-Gallery is devided into 3 parts.
Click on the headline to select the album:
1. Berlin is GREEN (28 photos)
did you know? ... of all capital cities in the world, Berlin is the one with the largest area of forests and lakes!
... consider them for jogging, sailing or boat trips. ... and of course they give some great inspiration for painters and photographers too. enjoy the romantic beauty of these unusual images!
2. Berlin at NIGHT (20 photos)
some beautiful sketches of it's illuminated nightlife!
3. Berlin MIX (28 photos)
a collection of all that's NOT green. eat meat :-) ! a sight-seeing-special.
4. Berlin STANDARDs (22 photos)
...well, for those having no city-guide. it is what you cannot miss because your friends will ask for it...
Photos & Artwork by © Lars Stroschen / Propeller Island 2007. All rights reserved.
Please don't copy photos without asking! Your links however are always welcome.
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94.189.214 94.147.229 22.67.136 51.119.96 204.65.74
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